Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Carry on Camping...

Sorry it's taken me so long to update my blog. I'm not having a good week!

Had a great time at Wallingford Agility Show last weekend, even if I was working the whole weekend! The lovely Alan Score captured a couple of pictures of Blaze in his Agility class on Sunday! Clear round... Good Boy!

I shall really miss the camping at shows, it was a chance to not only socialise but to have some time alone with the dogs and not be worrying about cleaning the house or any other chores.

The camper is completely ready now to be collected by it's new owner at the weekend. A sad time for me but hopefully the new owner will have some fabulous times in it, as I have. There's a lot of memories that will trundle off up the road when it's driven away.

Distinctive isn't it!

As I said, I've not had a good week so far, in fact the year has been pretty rubbish so I am taking the rest of the week off from blogging. I may be back on Saturday when hopefully my mood will have lifted and my mojo returned!

Have a great week!



  1. Hi Psula-Well done you and Blaze-doesn't he look fabulous in action :)
    Im sorry you are having such a horrible week(big hug)take some time out-re charge those batteries(and tired agility legs)and i am sure you will come back refreshed.I know what it's like when Mr Mojo goes missing-perhaps he just needed a little break too.
    Hugs,Nessa xxx

  2. Hi Paula, sorry to hear things aren't' t so good and sorry you are leaving CCAS.

  3. Hi Paula, so sorry to hear you're having a bad time, and that you're leaving the team -always loved your cards on CAS C&S -you have great style. wishing you all the best

    Louise xx

  4. I know how you feel , I was pretty upset when we sold our Renault campervan, but our red merle collie took up so much space there was hardly room for we sold the campervan and bought folding caravan and a springer spaniel. umm

    1. I invested in a caravan back in February and spent my first weekend in it this weekend... It's lovely! Just enough room for me and two collies and I can squeeze hubby in at a push! ;-)


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