Sunday, 14 January 2018

Just the Tonic...

Well - I've discovered Tonic Studios' products in a big way! I'm absolutely loving the Nuvo drops and the monthly craft kits are basically craft porn in a box!

So now my doses of bliss and crafting happiness are split through the month! Tonic Craft Kit the first week of the month, followed on the 15th by my Kit and Clowder colouring class.

This week I used the die set from the craft kit with one of the images I coloured, just to make a bit of something colourful to brighten up the dreary wet January days.

I'm sorry the picture quality isn't great but that's the problem with glass. Can you see where I've used the Nuvo drops?

I'm going to blog a whole lot more now and will share my colouring and crafting with you - hope 2018 is looking fabulous for you so far! I'm waiting for my next colouring class with bated breath! 24 hours to go! Eeek