Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Something different! Canine Capers...

In August I attended a huge dog agility show in Ipswich. Dogs In Need is a show that raises money for charity and whilst I was there I was drawn to a trade stand displaying stunning portraits.

I have never had pictures done of my boys so I decided to take the plunge! You don't have to buy on the day so I thought I would see what the proofs were like before committing!

The only problem was I only had two of the 3 dogs with me.

Well here are Blaze and Mavericks' finished pictures (unframed as I am rubbish at photography!)

 Aren't they stunning images? If you would like portraits of your dog or dogs then contact Chris via his website.

So then what to do about Ben!? Well I found a local photographer who took photo's of Ben for me - I then sent them to Chris who produced this...

What a service! Not many photographers would have gone to those lengths! And thanks to Gerry for the pictures of Ben.

Monster Photography By Gerry

Now I have stunning pictures of my 3 boys forever!

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