Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Wish Lists and Bows

Hi Folks, hope you are all well!

Today I shall start by explaining the Wish List Service I offer...

Here is what happens -

1)   You choose your wish list and send it to me
2)   You receive cards/an e-mail you can give to your 'givers' explaining the process
3)   Your 'givers' contact me with their budget
4)   I allocate the budget to an item on your list and send your 'giver' a 'gift voucher' to print off (or hard copy) and send you
5)   7 days before your special day I close the ordering and if there are hostess pounds earned I allocate them to more items from your wish list
6)   The order is despatched to the address of your choice...

I will always let you know how much the value of the order is so you can make it up to earn hostess pounds.

I mean - if your order value is £145 - it could be worth your while to spend that extra £5 and get £25 more to spend on your wish list!

Just get in touch if you would like more information.

Today I am also sharing a video tutorial making bows with the Envelope Punch Board - I saw these on Pinterest and had to make them.

Finally - and just because I can - here is a gratuitous 'Cute' picture of our new residents... who are currently playing chase up and down the stairs... how can something so small sound like an elephant ?


  1. your video was great! and it came a long way to me in canada...west coast....it did inspire me to make some, so thank you!

    1. Oh Holly - Thank you so much! So glad I reached you! Thank you for letting me know. Paula xxxx


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