Saturday, 9 November 2013

New Additions...

Well the new additions are here, the only thing is we ended up keeping 3 as my friend who was having the black and white one had a horrendous reaction... poor girl - she and her family are gutted.

I always struggle with names but like unusual ones so we have called them...

Makita (Kita), Dixon & Mason.

Aren't they gorgeous? Here they are all making themselves comfortable on my 6 year old niece...

Makita and Mason cuddle up together and clean one another... 

Mason and Dixon are typical boys and play fight together...

I do have one question... why is it that despite spending a small fortune on fleecy beds and things, the 3 kittens want to sleep in the litter tray???????????? Absurd!

Dixon is the biggest of the three but is still quite small at 620g

Makita is a petite little girly at 350g and Mason sits between the two at 540g. They are quite small but Mum had a big litter.

I hope I haven't bored you too much - as you can imagine not a lot else is getting done at the moment. I have spent half of today sat on the floor watching them and half of that they were asleep!

I must get and do some more crafting. 

Paula xxx

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