Sunday, 17 August 2014

Fabulous and productive weekend!

It all started yesterday when I cleaned the house from top to bottom! Then I walked the dogs. Hubbie went out for the evening to perform with his band and I got the whole evening in my craft room!

I made this card a few days ago and had to replicate it as I had requests from people for 3 more! They're such fun!

Two of the ones I made were opposite ways round as they were for a set of twins!

The Something for Baby stamp set and matching framelits is gorgeous!

So today I was up late but still helped a friend move some of their belongings into storage. Had a lovely pub lunch and then spent the afternoon clearing the loft! We cleared two large estate car loads... with the seats folded down and stuff on the passenger seat!

I am going to bed tonight feeling a little more comfortable in the hope the ceiling won't come down now we've cleared that lot! It was sad saying goodbye to some keepsakes from my childhood, my first suitcases that my grandparents bought me and all my old text books and notes from my Open University courses.

I'm off for an early night! Sleep tight (can't believe it's Monday tomorrow!).

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