Monday, 21 April 2014

Up in the Clouds where my head has been!

I had a lovely weekend away with one of the dogs and a dear friend of mine, in a caravan with her, her baby and her dog, on a showground.

I didn't run Blaze on Sunday in any of his competitions as it was pelting down with rain and I was in a sour mood! Though we were eliminated for getting the course wrong in 2 classes Saturday, we only got 10 faults in the third class. In honesty I'm not bothered as I just like being with my friends and my dog.

Before I went away I did another short tutorial of another simple technique that most of you probably know. I just think sometimes it's useful to revisit the techniques to keep them fresh in our minds... so apologies if I am showing you something you already know.

Tomorrow I'll be back with a simple card you can make using this technique!

Hope you've had a fabulous Easter!


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