Tuesday, 29 April 2014

What a TWIT

Well - I'm trying lots of new things this week... one of which was to open a Twitter account! I have no idea if it will be successful... or if anyone will even follow me.

The blogging is a bit easier... I have unlimited characters... Not that I talk a lot! Honest.

I shall try and say profound things and share "stuff". In the meantime, whilst I'm finding my feet I would really appreciate if you would 'follow' me.

I'm @knallcrafting

Hope to see you there!

I'm working on a whole heap of videos so watch this space! I mean a heap so as I work full time it's going to take a couple of days to get things rolling.


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  1. You're doing great! I struggle with the limited characters. I guess I just like being as descriptive as possible.


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