Thursday, 19 December 2013

Guess what?

Yeah - I found another Christmas Card I want to post.

But before I do... there is a lot of excitement surrounding Christmas, the chance to eat well, over indulge, spend time with family and friends. The whole kaboosh. But I would like you to all just take a second amongst the jollity and frivolity to think about those less fortunate than ourselves.

There are people who don't have a Merry Christmas, who have lost people close to them, have no family, have family they are not close to, experienced tragedy and even those who you think are having a great time - who struggle at this time of year with depression or other problems. It is not the great time of year for everyone - yet there is no escape and their noses are constantly being rubbed in it, making the whole experience even more distressing. Spare a thought for them... and if they aren't having a great time and don't want to join in, let them have the space they need to deal with Christmas in their own way. Don't make it harder for them than it has to be, sometimes they truly don't share your Christmas Cheer, they aren't being a Humbug - this time of year is genuinely really difficult, uncomfortable or painful.

And now back to that card I mentioned...

This is a complete CASE of a stunning card made by a fellow Pinkie - Suzette. You can visit her blog here.

She is a phenomenally creative lady and I love her work! You may remember the little jars with the Marshmallows... Yup they were her idea too.

Anyhow, here is the card -

How classy is that?

Here is a close up of that cute embellishment - these will be retiring when the seasonal catalogue finishes at the end of January - so grab them while you can!

I used the Lovely as a Tree and Wishing You stamp sets, Woodgrain embossing folder and the Simply Styled embellishments.

And I hope YOU have a Happy Christmas!


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