Saturday, 12 October 2013

Credit where it's due!

People are often too quick to complain yet don't give credit where it's due! I took delivery yesterday of 3 thinlits - can't share a couple just yet as they are new... but I'll have some sneak peeks in the next day or so!

I was advised to use Wax Paper to help get the card out of the dies and was bemoaning the fact I wouldn't get it for a couple of days...

Amazon to the rescue - I found some from a seller called A J Every Day... ordered it at 2pm yesterday and it arrived at 9 this morning! (I did opt for express delivery)

Now that is what I call service! So all you crafters out there who can't decide which seller to opt for - there's my recommendation! So well done AJ Every Day - Here's a link to the Store Front...

AJ Every Day

That's all I have to say :-) Back later!


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  1. Excellent - some people are really really quick and efficient, then you get the odd one that just gives you grief! (those I list and do not use again).


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