Friday, 4 October 2013

A sad day!

My guinea pig was the sweetest and friendliest you could ever meet... he would come when you called his name, purr when you stroked him and call to you if he heard your voice or the opening of the back door.

First he lost his voice then a few weeks ago I noticed significant weight loss and he was drinking a lot - we tested him for diabetes but it was negative... on closer inspection we discovered a tumour under his chin.

He was still bright, happy, eating and drinking and loving being out in the garden... but we were putting off the inevitable, he wasn't eating properly, found it uncomfortable to be picked up because he was so thin and had got a bit wobbly on his back legs.

Today he made his final trip to the vet. Bless him! I so loved that pig!!!!!!!!

Of to do a bit more crying - hope you don't mind me sharing - I promise I'll post something crafty soon! xxx


  1. Oh,Paula-so very sorry to hear you have lost your little Piggy :( We too love the piggies-we always had a large group of 6(all girlies)and they lived together in a huge upstairs/ downstairs hutch with run out onto the grass.They all lived long and happy lives,never a falling out amongst any of them.The eldest lived to be almost 7,and graudually one by one they all left for Piggy Heaven- now they are there reunited again,squeaking away happily and munching celery- ;) I am sure they will be there to welcome your little man today and will save him a celery stick or two.
    Hugs,Nessa xxx


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