Thursday, 24 August 2017


I always get a little confused as to what is and isn't "Ironic" - especially after Alanis Morrisette got so much stick.

Anyway - Thought for today...

Is it considered irony that when I planned to give up smoking after the packet was finished... with 3 cigarettes left, the lighter ran out of gas?

Couldn't leave you without something else I've been working on...

Pencils... yipes - if I thought the alcohol markers were a new challenge - who would have thought pencils would be so hard to master!

How are you liking the new style blogging? Would love to hear your thoughts! I would also love for you to share my blog... so please feel free to post me all over t'interweb!


  1. Well, congrats on trying to quit! And I'm wishing you strength! And your card is so pretty and sooo sweet... love it!

  2. Hi Girl, I am visiting/following you from Kit & Clowder, please follow me back and enter my prize giveaway!



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