Monday, 22 February 2016

Stampin' Up! Mega Class!

I keep repeating the mantra... "I'm not nervous, I'm not nervous, I'm not nervous."

But I really am! Tomorrow I have my biggest class yet in the studio. Ten Rangers from 14-25 years old.

I've designed some lovely cards with a couple of little techniques.

I'm afraid I've only got some photo's from my phone of the cards on my white board to show you. I just hope they all like them!

Here's the room all set up ready! I was worried it would seem cramped but I'm amazed how much space there is once all the tables are out, not round the sides of the room.

Tomorrow I'll share the cards we're making in the March class if you fancy coming along!

My niece came and stayed on Saturday night and my friend Lesley and I took her on a nice long walk with the dogs... thought I would share our cheeky selfie! LOL - It's going in this years Project Life album... Once I get last years finished!


  1. hope it all goes well best wishes Lesley x

    1. Thank You Lesley - it was not too bad... Only 4 turned up so it was a normal class really. :-) But they all enjoyed it.

  2. Love the cards and looks like you have been very busy! Love your stamp room.

    1. Thank you so much - I don't know where the time goes! I need a 42 hour day but still only 5 days a week working my day job.. and just 42 hours a week doing that - then I'll be happy!


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